About us

Wilms stands for sustainability, quality and innovation. Our latest innovation, building airtight with roller shutters and vertical screens, perfectly describes our company. As the first brand in the market (innovation) we have developed a roller shutter that can be build in the cavity wall without causing a thermal bridge. This will ofcourse lead to heat savings (sustainability) and because we have faith in this solution, we offer a 7-year warranty (quality).


Sustainability is key in what we do. We make lasting high-quality products; our corporate strategy and our manufacturing processes always put sustainability first. This was recognised by the fact that Wilms became one of the pilot companies of Sustatool, a project by the Government of Flanders to make sustainability accessible to all Flemish companies. But even prior to this project, Wilms was already at the forefront of sustainability; the project was an opportunity to go even further. We will continue our sustainability policy beyond the Sustatool-project, with the help of Hans Verboven, Professor of Sustainability Management at Antwerp University.

Ecology is our prime concern. We make high-quality products that last long. Our manufacturing processes, too, are geared towards the smallest possible environmental footprint. We are particularly proud of our “green” paint shop. It has a vacuum evaporator which allows us to use rainwater only, resulting in a zero discharge cycle.

Another improvement has been the recycling of the manufacturing process heat. Once purified, it is used to heat the entire production hall, making additional fossil fuels unnecessary. Finally, we recover 90% of the powder used and, through a proper location of our new paint shop, we have reduced the volume of packaging materials used by half.

It is not only the big initiatives which make the difference; every small effort counts as well. Wilms has e.g. a recycling station where all staff can deposit used batteries and mobile phones, can lids and bottle caps. We donate these to charities which convert them into cash.

Wilms nv is a family-run company which has innovation and sustainability in its DNA. Its products, its process improvements and its HR policy place the company at the forefront of its business. Wilms is driven by values and has a long-term vision.

Hans Verboven

- HANS VERBOVEN, Professor of Sustainability at Antwerp University.


Dedication, reliability and cooperation are the 3 core values of our organisation. Our customers, suppliers as well as our employees can count on an excellent cooperation, high reliability and our full dedication.

Wilms strongly believes in vertical integration. Our plant and our offices are all located on one site. We have our own extrusion lines, assembly lines, glueing machines, powder coating and wet paint shops and our own delivery service. This structure enables us to offer unparalleled service, impeccable quality and timely deliveries.

Wilms develops its staff’s competences and skills through intensive and continuous training. We also offer free product training programs to our distributors and their staff in our own training center. Thanks to this strict training policy, we can assure you that you will always get the best possible help, no matter where or who you ask for information.


The strength of our R&D department makes us a trendsetter in the market. Many examples have already shown this: the built-on box with ventilation, the screen which can be integrated in a cavity wall, and more recently the aluminium and carbon tubes of our screens. Our R&D department is committed to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

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