Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

We all like a bit of luxury, especially at home. Electrically operated roller shutters and screens have become standard. They increase your comfort and offer extra security. You can even operate your roller shutters using your smartphone, from wherever you are.

Extra comfort

The alarm clock goes off. You get out of bed and look out of the window. The weather isn’t very promising. However, by the time you get to work, the sky becomes clear and sunny. It’s even getting warm, perfect for a drink on a terrace.

Oops, the weather being so dreary in the morning, you hadn’t thought to lower the roller shutters. And by the time you get home, your house is like an oven. You can forget about having a good night’s sleep.

Being able to operate your roller shutters or screens from a distance has many advantages. It allows you to easily adapt to changing weather conditions. That way, your bedroom will be refreshingly cool in Summer and the sun will have naturally heated your living room in Winter. You gain in comfort, but also in cost. Indeed, by operating your roller shutters and screens in a clever manner, you can lower your energy bill.

And extra safety

When your roller shutters are down day and night, everyone - and not just your neighbours - will guess that you’re on holiday. By automating your roller shutters, you can create the impression that you’re at home. This significantly increases your security.

Even if burglars would have a go, roller shutters are likely to put them off, especially if the roller shutters are automated, as these are more difficult to break into. That should give you more peace of mind when you’re at home and when you’re absent.

In control of your home, from anywhere in the world

There are different ways to operate roller shutters or sunscreens automatically. These range from a switch per roller shutter or screen to integration in your home automation system. Smart home solutions give you maximum freedom. From wherever you are in the world, you can operate your roller shutters through the internet, or via an app on your tablet computer or smartphone. So, even when you’re at work, you keep full control of your roller shutters and screens. With a timer and sensors, you’re always one step ahead of the sun and you can save a lot on your energy bill.

Would you like to receive more information about automated roller shutters and sunscreens? Do get in touch with our consultants; they will be glad to help you.

Automation: operate your roller shutters and screens from your place of work
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