Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

Somfy, world leader in the automatic control of openings and closures in homes and buildings, has ordered a study last year among more than a thousand Belgians on their feeling of safety at home. Results show that 36% of people feel most unsafe during Winter.

The study looked at things and systems which makes us feel safer at home. The results were a bit surprising. 59% of people consider a fire alarm or smog alarm to contribute most to their feeling of safety. This reply was to be expected, as such an alarm will become compulsory from 2020 onwards.

A more surprising outcome was that almost one out of every three Belgians are of the opinion that roller shutters really make their home safer. This puts roller shutters even ahead of burglary alarms and security cameras, which goes against what one might have expected.

Interestingly, only half of the Belgian are prepared to invest in an alarm system, in cameras or in smart locks. Is safety not a big enough motivator to spend money on ? Or is it that people think that burglars will get into a house regardless of whether we take these measures or not ? The reasons aren’t always very clear.

Roller shutters: a safe investment

When we look at the finance side, roller shutters are clearly a good way to get safely through Winter. Indeed, roller shutters deter burglars. Houses with roller shutters take more time to break into and it would make a lot of noise, two things which burglars want to avoid.

An additional benefit of roller shutters during Winter is that they keep the cold outside. They also ensure your privacy. People outside will not be able to look into your home when you are sitting in front of the television, enjoying your favourite program. In short, roller shutters save energy and give you safety and privacy.

Do you want to feel safe at home during Winter? Roller shutters are certainly a solution worth considering. Our consultants will gladly answer all your questions. Contact us here.

Feel safe at home during Winter
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