Publication: 15.05.2019
Author: Lars

Are you considering installing a terrace awning? You’re not the only one. Indeed, an increasing number of people understand the added value of a terrace awning which lets them enjoy their garden all through Spring and Summer.

But how do you know which terrace awning is best for you? Let us guide you through your choice towards the best terrace awning for you.

How is your terrace oriented?

When does the sun shine on your terrace? This is the first important question, bearing in mind that you want to enjoy your garden in the best possible way.

And how does the sunlight fall on the terrace? Does a low-standing sun bother you in the evening? Or is your terrace to the south of your house and does it overheat on warm and sunny days?

This, too, will determine where to best position the terrace awning.

How often do you want to sit on your terrace?

Do you want to enjoy a drink or spend time with your guests on your terrace once in a while? A free-standing terrace awning in a quiet spot in your garden will suffice. No need to build a new terrace, an existing terrace will do the trick.

Perhaps you have an outdoor pool or a jacuzzi? You can then easily install a roofed garden lounge next to it.

Or would you like to eat outdoors every sunny day of the year? A terrace awning built against the house, preferably close to the kitchen, will probably be the best choice for you.

How big should your terrace awning be?

Terrace awnings are usually 20 sqm in size, but larger sizes are possible, too. Choose the size which gives you the comfort you are looking for.

For instance, make sure that you don’t need to put your terrace furniture too close to one another. You should still be able to easily pass. Also make sure that the terrace awning properly covers all your terrace furniture.

How much comfort do you want?

Do you like listening to music on your terrace? Then it’s best to provide electricity cables. Do you want to enjoy your terrace also when it’s a bit chillier? Then have heating installed. And do you want to determine how the sunlight falls on your terrace? An automated roof is then certainly an interesting feature.

Are you also looking to protect yourself against the wind? Vertical screens on the sides of your terrace awning are worth considering. They can be operated taking into account the wind direction.

The range of options is vast. Start from your personal wish list and, of course, your budget.

Are you considering installing a terrace awning? Get in touch with us; it will be our pleasure to look at your project with you.

How do I choose the best terrace awning
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