Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

More and more homeowners have roller shutters installed. And that’s a good choice, seen the many advantages that roller shutters bring. For one, they protect your privacy and increase your security. (Did you know that houses with roller shutters are much less likely to be burgled?)

On top of that, they prevent hot sunrays from entering the house during Summer, thus keeping the interior fresh and cool. That way, you do not need an airco and you will save a lot of money. Roller shutters are also a blessing for your night’s rest. Indeed, people sleep better when it is dark and quiet. Curtains do not keep the noise and the light out, but roller shutters do. That way, you can easily simulate your biological clock and have an invigorating night’s rest.

Once you have decided to install roller shutters, the next step is to choose which installation system to go for, which material you want the roller shutters to be in and which level of operating comfort you wish to have. Which possibilities best meet your requirements? Let us guide you through your choices.

A new house or a renovation project?

When you have plans to build a new house, do think about having roller shutters installed from the start. With a new house, built-in roller shutters are the best solution. They are built into the cavity wall. With their unique ShutterX® system, Wilms’ roller shutters are completely airtight. The inner wall does not have to be pierced and the roller shutter is invisible from the outside. The insulation material which is taken away in order to build in the roller shutter is replaced by a composite profile behind the box. The roller shutter is completely hidden from view. Both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of sustainability, built-in roller shutters are the best choice in the case of new buildings.

In case you will be renovating your house, including replacing the windows, built-on roller shutters are your best option. The roller shutter boxes are only visible inside. You can also foresee ventilation and the boxes, available in a wide range of colours, fit in perfectly with your home interior.

If your options are limited, that is still no problem. Surface-mounted roller shutters can be installed on any house. The boxes are visible outside, but as the finishing options are vast, they fit in perfectly with your house’s exterior joinery.

Choose the right material

Modern roller shutters are made of PVC or aluminium; wood is hardly used anymore.

Aluminium roller shutters are strong and safe. They owe their sleek appearance to the range of colours and to the fact that they can cover large surfaces. PVC slats are of high quality and they are strong and durable. They come at a lower price, but they are available in less colours and they cannot cover the same surfaces that aluminium slats do.

Operating your roller shutters: comfort or XL comfort?

Although you can still choose to operate your roller shutters by hand, most roller shutters today are automated. This increases your comfort, you need less cabling and your house is much safer. Indeed, the rigid connections make it more difficult for any burglars to lift the roller shutters. On top of that, by connecting the roller shutters to your home automation system, or by using a smart home solution or a timer, you can create the impression that you are at home even when you are not.

There are different ways to operate roller shutters electrically or automatically. You can either have one switch per roller shutter, a switch for a group of roller shutters, or indeed connection to your home automation system. Remote control provides the highest degree of freedom. With your smartphone or tablet, you can even operate your roller shutters from anywhere in the world. Installing sensors and a timer make your comfort complete.

Do you need help in choosing the best roller shutters? Contact us for tailor-made advice.

How to choose roller shutters. Some useful advice
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