Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

Do you want your home to be refreshingly cool during those hot Summer months? While high-performance insulation can help you save on your energy bills during Winter, it risks turning your house into an oven in Summer. Current insulation standards being as stringent as they are, it is vital that you avoid your home from overheating on warm days. That is where good sun protection comes in, as it blocks the sunrays before they get the chance to enter your house.

Sun protection can also be useful outdoors. During Summer, it may get too hot to enjoy sitting on your terrace. And, at night, temperatures drop quickly. Adequate sun protection blocks the fiercest sunrays during the day. But, in the evening, you still benefit from the warmth captured under the sun protection, so you stay outside long after dark.

In addition, sun protection protects your (garden) furniture from harmful UV rays and you also avoid that annoying reflection of the sun in your TV or computer screen.

Vertical screens to keep the heat out

On hot Summer evenings, what feels better than being able to sleep in a refreshingly cool bedroom. Sure, you could have an airco system installed, but proper sun protection saves on energy costs and creates a pleasant home interior climate for years to come. Vertical sunscreens keep the hot sunrays out before they can even enter your home. At the same time, you keep an unobstructed view outside, so you can continue to enjoy your garden.

Sunscreens are perfectly suited for large glass surfaces. You can go as wide or as high as six meters. Rolled up sunscreens take little space, so the boxes are small. Wilms uses aluminium or carbon axes, making our sunscreen boxes the most unobtrusive ones in the market. In addition, the screen fabric is attached to the axes in a different manner, better tightening the fabric and avoiding horizontal rolling lines. Vertical sunscreens are available in many colours and give extra cachet to your home.

Sun protection for your veranda

Verandas offer lots of space and light. Through the large glass surfaces, you can enjoy your garden and the surrounding landscape. Many consider a veranda as a real extension to their house. But the risk of overheating on warm days is real. In order for you to truly enjoy your veranda all year long, sunscreens might well be the perfect solution.

Wilms has developed windproof veranda sun protection. Thanks to its unique tensioning technique, the fabric remains always taut. In addition, our veranda sun protection system does not require separate posts. This way, your veranda maintains its sleek look and you keep an unrestricted view outside.

Folding arm awnings: an elegant solution for your terrace

Protecting your terrace against harmful UV rays? A folding arm awning is the most elegant solution. You only see it when to decide to. At other times, it is nicely tucked away in a discrete and beautifully finished box mounted on the façade. With a folding arm awning, you can enjoy your terrace all day long, even under a blazing sun. And with the residual warmth captured under the awning, you can continue sitting outside in the evening.

Folding arm awnings are rolled up. Meaning: no posts - which would only get in the way and spoil your view supports - are needed. Folding arm awnings also keep the interior of your house pleasantly cool as they prevent the sunrays from entering.

Terrace awnings

Folding arm awnings are mounted on a façade and are, therefore, used for terraces adjoining your home. Terraces elsewhere, e.g. in the middle of your garden, can be covered with a different type of awning. The purpose is the same: protecting against excessive sunrays. Some models are partially fixed to a façade.But, in all cases, it’s the aluminium construction which supports the weight.

Obviously, unlike a folding arm awning, a freestanding terrace awning is visible at all times. But there is a good side to that: the construction is extra solid and, therefore, even very wind-resistant.

Wilms also attaches a lot of importance to the design of its products. That is why we have developed a unique system where no crossbeams are visible when the awning is rolled-up. You thus enjoy unrestricted views of your garden and its surroundings.

Do you want to enjoy the Summer, indoors and outdoors? Invest in good sun protection. Get in touch with our consultants today. They will gladly provide you with more information about the various possibilities.

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