Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

Roller shutters come in different systems. Clients often ask us whether they should go for built-in roller shutters or rather for surface-mounted roller shutters. Are you facing this choice, too? In this blog, we will give you guidance.

Built-in roller shutters

With traditional built-in roller shutters, the box is installed in an empty space above the window, which obviously means that that space must be there, in the first place.

Another thing to bear in mind is energy efficiency. Traditional built-in roller shutters do not score well in that field as they are typically not well insulated. Insulation and energy efficiency being so important nowadays, traditional built-in roller shutters have become less popular.

Advantages of built-in roller shutters

  • Not mounted on the façade of the house
  • Can be operated by hand or electrically
  • Can be automated
  • Suitable for new buildings

Disadvantages of built-in roller shutters

  • They impact the insulation of the house from the inside
  • Noisy when operated
  • Difficult to install and finish on existing houses

Traditional built-in roller shutters are not energy-efficient. But does that mean that they must be ruled out? Not per se. Discover how Wilms’ built-in roller shutters can preserve the energy value of your home.

Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters are a good choice for renovation projects. If your home’s external joinery is still in good shape, surface-mounted roller shutters are practical and budget-friendly and can be quickly installed.

Surface-mounted roller shutters are installed on the façade against the window. This system has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of surface-mounted roller shutters

  • An easy solution in house renovation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be operated wireless and with a smart motor

Disadvantages of surface-mounted roller shutters

  • Impacts the exterior walls
  • Do not always look pretty on the facade
  • As the system is exposed to the natural elements, it does require extra maintenance

All in all, the choice for surface-mounted roller shutters is inspired by budget restraints or practical restraints when an existing house is renovated or altered.

Airtight built-in roller shutters

As previously said, built-in roller shutters do not per se have to be ruled out. At least not if you go for the ShutterX®, Wilms’ airtight built-in roller shutter. In this system, we install the roller shutter in front of the window. The roller shutter box disappears behind the wall and the bottom lath disappears in the box.

In order to meet the energy performance standards, we have developed a composite profile which fully compensates the insulation which has been removed. The use of airtight films contributes to a perfectly airtight installation of the system.

In short, when you go for built-in roller shutters, the traditional ones are no option as they do not meet the current standards in terms of insulation. However, modern airtight built-in roller shutters do combine high energy performance with good looks.

Would you like to know more about other roller shutter options? Do you wish to get a free quote for roller shutters? Our consultants will be glad to help you.

Installing built-in roller shutters or surface-mounted roller shutters
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