Publication: 07.03.2019
Author: Lars

Efficient heating is an important factor nowadays in the building or in the renovation of houses. In order to make houses energy-efficient, different measures are taken: the building envelope is highly insulated, the construction is made airtight and windows face south. The result is that you will spend less on energy and that less CO2 will be emitted. A dream come true, it seems.

Too hot houses in the Summer

But there is another side to the story. Once the cold Winter months are behind us, energy-efficient houses risk overheating. During Summer, but also during Spring and early Autumn. The insulation and the airtightness, which keep the house warm during Winter, are likely to keep the heart inside the house during the warmer months.

Recent studies show that overheating in newly built houses is a new and underestimated problem. Houses more and more often require a cooling system. With global warming, cooling may be needed for longer and longer periods throughout the year.

Sun protection with screens or roller-shutters

In order to avoid that the money that you save on heating is lost on air conditioning, the first thing to look at is adequate sun protection. When properly oriented, screens or roller shutters are a good way to avoid your home from overheating. Automation makes it all the more practical.

You can e.g. use temperature or light sensors which regulate in real-time how much sunlight can enter your house. Home automation apps allow you to operate your sun protection via your smartphone or tablet even when you are not at home. When flexibly used, sun protection avoids overheating and optimises the light and warmth entering your home.

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Overheating: a challenge with low energy houses, passive houses and almost energy-neutral (“BEN”) houses
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