Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

Roller shutters do not only keep unwanted light outside, they also increase your privacy and they make you feel safer. In Winter, they provide extra insulation. Sun protection keeps excess heat outside in Summer and ensures that your home does not overheat. They are an investment which pays back in the long run, but also already in the short term.

Do you have renovation plans? Depending on how drastic the renovation is, you can choose between different systems to add roller shutters or screens to your home.

If you are going to replace the window frames, built-on roller shutters and screens are the perfect solution. If you intend to keep your windows and merely add roller shutters, surface-mounted roller shutters are the answer. Built-in roller shutters are only feasible in case of a very thorough renovation which involves altering the outside walls.

What is the difference between a built-on system and a surface-mounted system? Let us explain to you.

Built-on roller shutters and screens

When your renovation project includes replacing the windows, built-on roller shutters and screens are by far the best solution. The system is placed on top of the window. WILMS’ built-on boxes are pre-insulated and are perfectly aligned with the profile of your windows. This makes them energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

Insulation and ventilation are key to energy-efficient houses. Our unique Rolvent® system provides permanent supply of air, even when your roller shutters are lowered. The ventilation capacity which your home neds depends on the size of the rooms. Once you have reached that level with Rolvent® roller shutters, the remaining roller shutters do not require this ingenious system. Ventilation can increase the risk of noise pollution from outside. That’s why we can provide acoustic insulation. This insulation is fully integrated and does not alter the size of the roller shutter box.

Depending on the installation, you can choose the roller shutter boxes to be visible from inside your house only. Built-on roller shutter boxes are available in a wide range of colours, to be perfectly aligned with your home interior. The guide rails are such that you can still use an insect screen with your roller shutters or screens. In one word: absolute comfort, both in Summer and in Winter.

Surface-mounted roller shutters and screens

Perhaps your renovation project is more modest, but you still want to benefit from roller shutters or sun protection? The big advantage of a surface-mounted system is that it can be installed anytime. It goes quick and does not require any major work, the ideal solution for existing houses or small renovations.

Surface-mounted roller shutters are usually installed against the façade. Alternatively, they can be placed in the reveal, but that goes at the expense of luminosity. With surface-mounted screens, this is not an issue, as the boxes are much smaller. The screens, therefore, tend to be installed in the reveal. Obviously, a surface-mounted system is by definition visible outside. However, the range of finishing and colours of the box and the guide rails is so wide that the surface-mounted system blends in perfectly with the exterior joinery of your home.

And what in case of a very thorough home renovation?

Built-in roller shutters or screens require extra space as the boxes are integrated in the walls. This makes a built-in system only feasible in the case of very in-depth renovations and, of course, in the case of a new building where the required extra space can be foreseen from the start.

Are you interested in built-on or surface-mounted roller shutters? Our consultants will be glad to help you. Contact us today!

Roller shutters and sun protection in renovation projects
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