Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

Can roller-shutters be installed during home renovation? And, if so, which kind of roller shutters? Wilms customers often ask this. It is a straightforward question, but answering it requires some detailed explanation. This blog will guide you through the issue.

Roller shutters as sun protection?

First of all, we need to look at which purpose the roller shutters serve. Would you use them mainly for sun protection? In that case, do bear in mind that other possibilities exist. Screens, folding arm awnings and terrace awnings can easily be installed on an existing house.

Traditional roller shutters must already have been foreseen during construction. However, that does not mean that you must rule out roller shutters when you renovate your house. Indeed, three other types of roller shutters can be used during renovation projects.

How drastic is the renovation?

Renovation projects vary a lot. This will impact the options which are available to you. Do you intend to alter the structure of the house? If you do, built-in roller shutters are a possibility. If the exterior walls remain unaltered, but you do replace the windows, built-on roller shutters are an option.

Perhaps your home is as you wish it, but only lacks roller shutters ? In that case, surface-mounted roller shutters can be installed against the facade.

Surface-mounted roller shutters are always an option

In principle, surface-mounted roller shutters can be installed on any house. You do not need to change the window aperture and the system is simply placed on the exterior facade. This makes surface-mounted roller shutters quite cheap and they contribute to the EPC (energy performance) value of your house. They can be easily installed and the insulation of your house does not have to be altered.

One drawback is that surface-mounted roller shutters are not always a pretty sight. Also, as both the box and the roller shutters themselves are exposed to the elements of nature, they require some extra maintenance.

Built-on roller shutters when you replace the windows

If you are planning to put new windows, built-on roller shutters are often a good choice. They are mounted together with the window on the windowsill. Unlike surface-mounted roller shutters, the box cannot be seen from the outside.

An additional advantage is that built-on roller shutters can be equipped with an integrated ventilation grid. Wilms’ Rolvent® roller shutters are a good solution if your house is highly insulated and you need proper ventilation in order to have the best possible indoor climate.

Airtight built-in roller shutters for energy-efficient renovations

If you feel it’s worthwhile going for a drastic renovation with built-in roller shutters, do bear in mind your home’s energy performance. In order to keep that at a good level, we have developed our ShutterX® airtight built-in roller shutters.

As the roller shutter box is installed in front of the window, the roller shutter is completely invisible inside and outside. As we install the box where there is normally insulation, we have developed a composite profile which compensates entirely for the loss of insulation. We place the same type of composite profiles beneath the windows, putting an end to cold window ledges.

Are you considering renovating your house and have roller shutters installed? Let us know if you need concrete advice or a free quote. We will be glad to help you.

Roller shutters in home renovation
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