Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

When we speak with our clients, many of them tell us that safety is a key motivator for their deciding to have roller shutters installed.

Internet forum Livios, dedicated to construction, organised a survey a few years ago about what drives home owners to opt for roller shutters. There, too, safety was a key driver.

Do roller shutters indeed make your house safer? Let’s go through our findings.


The last thing you want to go through upon your return from holidays is to see that burglars have been into your home. Unfortunately, the holiday period is when burglars are most active.

Especially during Summer, many families in the same neighbourhood are on holiday at the same time. Social control is low and that is when burglars go from house to house to break in.

Obviously, they don’t want to be caught in the act. That is why they will target homes which they believe they can get into quickly, silently and without being noticed.

This is where roller shutters make the difference. Potential burglars are deterred by the fact that they cannot directly access the windows; they would need to get through the roller shutters first.

If you also have safety locks on your doors, the burglar will understand that he will not get into your house quickly, without making noise and without being seen. In many cases, that will be enough to deter him.


We also notice that people with roller shutters are much more relaxed when they go on holiday.

They know that their house is much safer and that alone gives mental rest. The same feeling, in fact, when you’re at home during dark Winter evenings and roller shutters provide that extra protection.

In short, with roller shutters you also invest in peace and wellbeing.

Remote automation

Burglars typically target homes of which they suspect that the owners are absent for a longer time.

Roller shutters that are either open or shut all the time indicate that the owners may be on holidays.

Modern automated systems allow you to operate roller shutters from a distance, using your smartphone. That way, it looks as if you’re at home and burglars are likely to try their luck elsewhere.

Would you like to know more about what roller shutters can do for you? Let us know, our consultants will be glad to help you.

Roller shutters make you feel safe during your holidays
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