Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

Whether you are building a new home or renovate an existing home, ventilation is key. Everyone will tell you that you must take into account the government’s EPB standards (energy performance and indoor climate). Roller shutters with ventilation can help you achieve these standards. Let us walk you through it.

Newly-built houses nowadays must meet the EPB standards. These standards include requirements relating to ventilation. That is because the air inside our homes, offices and other buildings is nowadays often not very healthy. Measurements even show that the air inside is often of a poorer quality than the air outside.

How to ventilate your home?

There are different ventilation systems, known as A, B, C and D. The code indicates the relationship between the natural or mechanical air inflow and air outflow of each system.

In residential buildings, ventilation grids in the windows are still common. The grid then comes in lieu of part of the glass. However, this is not always very practical.

Drawbacks of ventilation grids in windows

  • Less glass and, therefore, less light that enters the house
  • The ventilation grid usually provides no room for acoustic insulation. As a result, outdoor noise easily enters the house
  • Ventilation grids in windows tend not to be pretty
  • Ventilation grids in windows are not compatible with roller shutters or screens; the air cannot pass through the grid when the roller shutter or screen is closed

Rolvent®: roller shutters or screens with ventilation

Wilms have developed a ventilation system that allows you to install roller shutters and fulfil the ventilation needs of your house, without sacrificing glass surface.

Rolvent® integrates the ventilation in the pre-insulated box of the roller shutter or screen. The box is then installed above the window profile.

The ventilation grid, in front of the roller shutter or screen, is no longer visible. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the roller shutter is open or closed; the ventilation can always work. And you can adjust the ventilation flow in five different positions.

We have also taken into account the need for acoustic insulation in the roller-shutter box. You don’t, for that matter, need to equip all of your windows with our Rolvent® system. Having ventilation grids in a number of roller shutters often suffices to meet the EPB standards. Our advice is to install the roller shutters or screens with a ventilation grid at the back of the house or on the side. The side facing the street can often do without ventilation grids in the roller shutters or screens.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities offered by Rolvent? Would you like to receive a price quote for your project? Get in touch with us; we will be glad to help you.

Roller shutters with ventilation
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