Publication: 20.09.2019
Author: Lars

A lot of misunderstandings surround the use of roller shutters in new buildings or in renovation projects. Roller shutters would affect insulation and airtightness, thereby adversely impacting the building’s energy performance.

This is true to some extent when we look at traditional built-in roller shutters. They indeed affect the envelope and the insulation of the building. Nowadays, however, solutions exist to bypass that problem.

Airtight roller shutters: ShutterX®

ShutterX® is the first fully airtight roller shutter. Like traditional built-in roller shutters, ShutterX® is integrated in the cavity wall. The innovative roller shutter box solves the insulation issue and ensures a fully airtight installation.

The composite profile behind the box replaces the insulation material which is removed to cater for the roller shutter. This profile compensates the insulating value and even increases it.

ShutterX® roller shutters can be finished in a RAL colour of your choice, resulting in perfect harmony with the outside joinery and the rest of your house. You can also still put insect screens.

Benefits of airtight roller shutters

The benefits of airtight roller shutters are obvious.

  • Built-in system; the roller shutter box cannot be seen
  • Thanks to the drainage film and the composite profile of the ShutterX, you will no longer be confronted with cold window-sills inside
  • The better you insulate, the more you will save during the colder months of the year
  • As the system is airtight, there will be less draft even when there is a strong wind blowing

Do you wish to know more about airtight roller shutters? Our consultants are there to help you.

Why opt for airtight roller shutters
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