Publication: 09.01.2020

You are sure to have noticed: Wilms went through a real metamorphosis. Our familiar dots have made way for a sleeker and more contemporary logo. A better reflection of our way of working: innovative and modern. We would like to say a word about our new look.

The same quality in a new design

In 1975, we began as a small and humble family business. Over the years we have become who we are today: a well-known established name in roller shutters, sun blinds and ventilation. Our desire to improve and innovate has meant we have earned the right to call ourselves pioneers on the market. So, of course, our logo should not get left behind. We have chosen a more streamlined logo in dark blue and white. Recognisable, strong, to the point and clear. One hundred per cent Wilms.

Masters of shadow

More than one hundred and sixty employees work hard every day to produce top-quality products. The magic happens behind the scenes: pure craftsmanship, allowing our customers to enjoy shade applications which excel in their functionality, design and convenience. Our employees are true masters of shadow.

Our values

Wilms itself does not change. We remain true to our values. With us you will find the most innovative, sustainable and comfortable products on the market. We create an atmospheric play of shadows to suit and protect every home. Our famous service provides peace of mind among both our partners and their customers.

No panic

They may be less prominent in our new logo, but relax, because you can be sure that we will continue to dot the ‘i’s. ;-)

A new logo for Wilms: innovative and modern
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