Folding arm awning

Install a folding arm awning to enjoy your terrace optimally. This type of awning protects you against the sun by providing a shaded space. It is installed in a box against the exterior wall of your house. Even in retracted position it retains its aesthetic appearance.

The free passage is an advantage of the folding arm awning. Contrary to a terrace awning, this folding arm awning does not have any disturbing pillars. In combination with light and wind sensors you can keep your house cool, even when you are not at home.

Wilms offers different models of folding arm awnings, available in different colours.

WPA0300 / WPA0400 (Quattro / Hawaii)

These basic models are suitable for small terraces. The maximum width of the WPA0300 is 5000 mm up to a maximum drop of 3000 mm. The maximum width of the WPA0400 is 5000 mm up to a maximum drop of 3000 mm. The front profile of both awnings are similar to one another. This means that they can be installed next to each other.

WPA0100 (President)

This semi cassette system is suitable for medium sized and large terraces. It can have a maximum width of 7000 mm, but when coupled this model can have a width of about 14000 mm. The fabric remains in one piece. The drop reaches a maximum of 3500 mm. The WPA0100 is available with a round or straight front profile.

WPA0200 (Solitair)

The dimensions of the WPA0200 are similar to those of the WPA0100. This model can have a maximum width of 7000 mm. In case of a coupled awning, the width can go up to 14000 mm. An intermediate roller is supplied for the installation of a coupled awning. This type of sun protection is available with a drop of 4000 mm if it is provided with wall mounting brackets in combination with special folding arms with chain cable. In addition, the cassette is fully closed and the intermediate roller is completely invisible.

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Folding arm awning