Built-in roller shutters – traditional

Built-in roller shutters are also known as traditional roller shutters. The roller shaft as well as the slats are installed in a “hollow” space above the window. This type of shutter can only be installed when enough space is provided.

Less favourable for your E-level

The roller shutter must be provided with an additional finishing box after its installation. Built-in roller shutters are installed less and less because of stricter insulation requirements for houses. The insulation value and airtightness of the box depends on the accuracy of the work of the joiner. Even if the roller shutter is perfectly installed, this type of shutter will always have a less favourable effect on the E-level of your house.

An alternative to the built-in roller shutter is a completely finished system, pre-insulated and with box, called built-on roller shutter. These shutters are also available at Wilms.

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Built-in roller shutters – traditional
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