Thinking about building a new home ? You will have to take into account the ever more stringent regulations on energy performance, aimed at building energy-efficient houses. Airtight construction is a key element in this.

Gain up to 3 S-points

Integrating a screen in a cavity wall is nothing new. Integrating roller-shutters while ensuring airtightness has become possible, too. But what about the insulation which you would normally find where the roller shutter box now comes ?

ShutterX® provides the solution. It is the first roller shutter that can be integrated in a cavity wall, completely airtight. The inner wall does not have to be pierced and, when rolled up, the roller shutter remains invisible from the outside. Better still, the insulation material which is taken away in order to build in the roller shutter is replaced by a composite profile behind the box. Not only does this profile take over the insulating value of the removed insulation, it even enhances it. Wilms’ innovations turn your windows in an acceptable thermal bridge and help you gain up to 3 S-points.

Discover this and our many other advanced techniques further down this page.

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