Built-on roller shutter with ventilation

WVS0100 (Rolvent®Shutter)

A well-insulated house keeps the warmth inside as much as possible. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor air quality, odour and mould growth. Better air quality is provided when contaminated air is displaced with fresh air supplied from outside. A roller shutter with ventilation grille is the most natural and cost-effective way of air supply.

Unique built-on system

This unique built-on system is distinguished by a box that is provided with an integrated, self-regulating ventilation grille. This grille is wind and waterproof, has five different positions and is invisible on the outside of the house. This system offers permanent ventilation, even in retracted position and is possible with every window type. An improved acoustic version is also available, with a sound reduction of 38 dB.

EPB compliant

The WVS0100 is in compliance with the EPB requirements. This roller shutter is the only roller shutter on the market that has no negative effect on the E-level of your home.


This type of roller shutter can be operated manually with a tape or electrically. Wilms uses motors with obstacle detection and frost security. The electric motor can be controlled by a switch or by a fully automated system.

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Built-on roller shutter with ventilation