Built-on roller shutters

Wilms built-on roller shutters belong to one of the most efficient roller shutters on the market. They are not only the shutters of today but also those of the future. The boxes of these roller shutters are maximally insulated. The system connects seamlessly onto window or door profiles and offers some aesthetic advantages.

Maximum insulation layer

The roller shutter box consists of 4 plates in PVC, put together via a tongue and groove system. The front plate is optionally available in aluminium, especially for renovations where originally no roller shutters were installed and where part of the roller shutter box is visible from the outside. In this case, the colour of the front plate complements the colour of the external joinery.

The entire box is provided with a maximum insulation layer which has a favourable effect on the thermal and acoustic performances of the box.

Thermal insulation

  • box with a front plate in PVC
    U: 1.08 W/m²K
  • box with a front plate in aluminium
    U: 1.26 W/m²K

Acoustic insulation

  • sound reduction
    48 dB

Composition of the roller shutter

Built-on roller shutters are pre-installed on the window frame and fitted as a whole unit. The box and guide rails are fixed to the window and door profiles, resulting in a seamless connection to your external joinery. This ensures a minimum of draught, which makes this roller shutter the best option for a maximum of airtightness.

Wilms is the developer and sole manufacturer of the built-on roller shutter with integrated ventilation grille, a variant of the standard built-on roller shutter. Maintenance services and repair work to both standard built-on roller shutters and those with an integrated ventilation grid are easy and quick.

Aesthetic advantages

Built-on roller shutters also offer aesthetically more advantages than built-in roller shutters.

  • The enrolment is smaller, which means that the box is also smaller.
  • Guaranteed thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Numerous finishing options for the interior: 4 colours in PVC, 44 colours with a wood imitation foil or powder coated in a RAL colour of choice
  • Motors with obstacle detection and frost security
  • Optionally with ventilation grille
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Built-on roller shutters