Wilms only uses slats of high quality, made of PVC or aluminium. Both slats are double-walled. The only difference is that aluminium slats are filled with polyurethane foam, resulting in a higher insulation value and extra firmness of the slats. However, the PVC slats are cheaper than the aluminium ones.

Aluminium slats are available in more colours, but the profiling as well as the colours of our PVC slats correspond with the colours of our aluminium slats. This makes it perfectly possible to combine them both.

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The colour choice of the slats is limited. The box profiles, on the other hand, are available in a full range of colours: the standard colours, depending on the type of roller shutter, or a RAL colour of choice. You can easily match the colour of the roller shutter to your house. Structured paint colours and foils, depending on the type of roller shutter, are also an option.

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