Roll-up doors are typically used to close large surfaces. Contrary to up-and-over doors and sectional doors, they require only very little mounting space under the ceiling, making them the ideal solution for garages.

Roll-up grilles are mostly used to protect shop windows. With hole-punched slats, the shop owner can safely display his goods. A roll-up grille placed inside the shop (i.e. behind the glass) and combined with glass breakage sensors will keep any burglar at bay.

Customised finishing

Our roll-up doors always have white slats. Roll-up grilles, however, can be painted in any RAL colour. In both cases, the box, the guide rails and the bottom lath can be painted in a colour of your choice.

Wilms roll-up doors and roll-up grilles always have a bottom lath protection. This prevents accidents happening when the roll-up door or roll-up grille is activated with a person still beneath it. In addition, we equip the drives with an unwind protection. In case something would go wrong with the drive, the drive will automatically activate its brake and stop the curtain from falling down completely. Walk-through protection is available as an option.

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Roll-up doors and grilles
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