Roll-up garage doors / roll-up grilles

Roll-up garage doors are often used to close larger surface areas, such as garages. Unlike sectional and up and over garage doors, these garage doors do not need a lot of installation space.

Wilms roll-up garage doors consist of double-walled, insulated slats that roll up in a box. This box is put in guide rails on the left and right box end. The slats are always white, whereas the box, guide rails and end slat can be powder coated in a colour of choice. If necessary, transparent or aeration profiles can be provided.

Roll-up grilles

Roll-up grilles are generally not used in residential projects, but rather to secure shop windows. The perforated slats are a big advantage as they allow people to see through. Keep burglars at bay by installing your roll-up grilles on the inside of your shop in combination with broken glass sensors.

The profiles, the box, the guide rails and the end slat can be powder coated in a RAL colour of choice. In this case, they blend in perfectly with your interior.


Roll-up garage doors as well as roll-up grilles are operated with a motor. There is a wide range of remote controls and entrance and safety accessories.
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Roll-up garage doors / roll-up grilles