Surface-mounted roller shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters are the renovation product of choice. Buildings without roller shutters that are not in need of new windows can easily be equipped with roller shutters.

These roller shutters can be installed against the exterior wall above the window or in the window opening. This last option, however, limits your view through the window and the amount of light that enters the room reduces.

Customized finish

Wilms offers various types of slats, available in different colours. The box, guide rails and the end slat are available in some standard colours, in RAL colours or in structured paint colours. Thanks to this palette of colours and many other finish options, you will undoubtedly find a surface-mounted roller shutter that matches your house.


Surface-mounted shutters can be operated manually with tape, cord, coiled spring or rod. Nowadays, however, most roller shutters are provided with an electric motor. Wilms opts for motors with obstacle detection and frost security. The motor can be controlled by a wired switch, but choosing for wireless control is choosing for the highest possible comfort.

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Surface-mounted roller shutters