The big advantage of surface-mounted roller shutters is that they can be installed on any house, including retro-fitting on existing houses where roller shutters hadn’t been foreseen. They are quick and easy to install and do not involve any heavy work. Surface-mounted roller shutters are suitable for new constructions and for renovations.

In practice, surface-mounted roller shutters are not often installed on newly built houses. Built-in roller shutters are the preferred choice there. That has to do with the fact that surface-mounted roller shutters are always visible outside. That does not have to be an insurmountable drawback, though, as the finishing options are almost unlimited.

Customised finishing

Surface-mounted roller shutters are usually installed against the façade above the window. They can also be placed in the reveal against the window profile. Do bear in mind that the latter method will somewhat restrict the view outside and the light falling inside.

Surface-mounted roller shutters come either with a chamfered box or with a round box. If you opt for a round box, the guide rails can be equipped with round caps. To complete the harmonious look, the box, the bottom lath and the guide rails can be painted in your preferred RAL colour.

The slats are available in a wide range, too. They come in either aluminium or PVC, in various heights and in different colours.

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Surface-mounted roller shutters
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