Built-on screens are always installed together with the windows, as a whole. Consequently, they can only be installed in new constructions or when the entire window is replaced at the same time. The boxes are pre-insulated and perfectly fit with the window profile. As a result, they meet the energy performance standards. In addition, maintenance is easy as it can be done from indoors. The boxes are truly a part of your home interior.

Combine your built-on screens with a ventilation system

Insulation and ventilation are the key words in construction today, be it for new buildings or for renovations. RolventĀ®, an advanced innovation of our built-on box, brings the best of both worlds. Our built-on box with integrated ventilation is unique in its kind. Indeed, it is the only product on the market which ensures a permanent air flow, even when the screen is closed.

The required ventilation is calculated based on the flow-rate of the space. Once you have achieved the required ventilation flow rate, you can continue with ordinary built-on screen boxes i.e. without a ventilation grid. You can thus combine boxes with and boxes without ventilation.

Customised finishing

Depending on the installation, you can choose to have the screen box visible indoors only. This does require having sufficient space above the windows, e.g. when you are replacing your old built-in roller shutters by screens. In case you do not have sufficient space, you can opt for lower windows, with the built-on screen box visible outside.

The front plate is then, obviously, finished in a colour to your liking. The same goes for the guide-rails, the bottom lath and the other parts of the box. You can also choose a perfectly-matching fabric colour.

With a ventilation system, you may experience noise nuisance coming from outdoors. WILMS solves this, too, with a sound-insulating version of the box. The additional sound-insulation is fully integrated in the box, making it invisible, and does not change the size of the box.

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