Conservatory sun protection

Soltis collection

The Soltis fabric is made of polyester. These fabrics are especially used for conservatories as they let through more light and warmth than the glass fibre fabrics. A big advantage of these fabrics is their low weight and breaking strength. This means that the fabric is also used in horizontal applications. In this case, the colours of the fabrics of the vertical parts can match the colours of the roof section.

Soltis 86

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Soltis 92

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Soltis B92N

These blackout fabrics are for indoor use only, because they are composed of 2 different materials with other expansion and contraction values.

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Sunworker collectie

Made with PVC-coated high tenacity polyester fibres, Sunworker fabrics are woven using the famous Rachel Trameur method which gives it incomparable strength and weather resistance.

The Sunworker fabric optimizes energy cost savings with sustainable development in mind.

Sunworker Cristal

Although this fabric is limited in its colours, it has various advantages. Because of a special coating, the fabric is both wind and waterproof. It is often used in restaurants and cafés to enclose terrace awnings. This fabric can also be provided with a transparent part.

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