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Dickson Orchestra collection

The Orchestra fabric guarantees a good protection against UV radiation, warmth, light and weather conditions. Thanks to the acrylic fibre coloured in the mass, Sunacryl, combined with the special Cleangard treatment, the Orchestra fabric remains its colour for years and is resistant to wat, stains and tears.

  • The pictograms on the left provide maximum protection

Dickson Orchestra

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Dickson Orchestra Max

Coated on one side, this fabric is UV resistant and dirt repellent. The fabric does not have to be rolled up at the first sign of rain. The Orchestra Max is particularly suitable for installations with high exposure to climate changes and pollution.

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Soltis collection

The Soltis fabric is made of polyester. These fabrics are especially used for conservatories as they let through more light and warmth than the glass fibre fabrics. A big advantage of these fabrics is their low weight and breaking strength. This means that the fabric is also used in horizontal applications. In this case, the colours of the fabrics of the vertical parts can match the colours of the roof section.


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Technische info

  • AS (αe,B): solar absorptance (percentage of solar energy absorbed by the fabric)
    The higher the percentage, the more energy is absorbed by the fabric. Dark colours absorb more energy and give off more heat.
  • RS (ρe,B): solar reflectance (percentage of solar energy reflected by the fabric)
    The higher the percentage, the more energy is reflected by the fabric.
  • TS (τe,B): solar transmittance (percentage of solar energy transmitted through the fabric)
    The higher the percentage, the more energy is transmitted through the fabric.
  • TV (τv,B): visual light transmittance (percentage of light passing through the fabric).
    The lower the percentage, the better the visual comfort.
  • Gtote: total solar energy transmittance (outside) (amount of solar energy entering the room through the glass). Values based on screen in combination with double glazing.
    The lower the percentage, the less total energy enters the room.

* All data are purely indicative and not contractual. The colors shown on the site may differ from the actual colors.