Our folding arm awnings are undoubtedly the most elegant solution to protect you from excessive heat and from harmful UV-rays. You will be able to spend much more time on your terrace, safer and more comfortably. Also, the awning is only visible when you want it to be.As long as the sun doesn’t bother you, the awning is nicely tucked away in the elegant box mounted against the wall.

The major benefit of a folding arm awning is that it can be rolled up and does not require any permanently visible supports. In addition, it repels the sun rays before they can overheat your home. So, not only does a folding arm awning allow you to enjoy the nice weather on your terrace, it also protects your home interior from the sun.

A sun protection system for every taste

We offer two types of folding arm awnings, each with its own character and with its own strengths.

The “President” is suited for medium to large terraces. One piece of fabric can cover widths of up to 14 meters, with a drop of up to 3,5 meters. As the box is half-open, the roller is visible when you use the awning. The nice thing about this is that you can easily remove stains on the fabric, simply by rolling the fabric to the right place. The front of the folding arm awning can be either round or straight.

The “Solitair” is a very elegant, with nicely finished details. Like the “President”, it can cover widths of up to 14 meters, but then requires two fabrics and an intermediate roller. With maximum 4 meters, it has a bigger drop than the “President”. A unique feature of the “Solitair” is its fabric shell in the box. This hides the roller and makes the fabric tauter.

Customised finishing

With our different models and the many options, you are sure to find the folding arm awning which best meets your requirements. In addition, you can choose among many different colour combinations. CTA aanpassen: Wenst u nog meer info op maat van uw project? Bezoek dan onze toonzaal of stel uw specifieke vraag aan één van onze deskundige medewerkers.

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