Like folding arm awnings, fixed terrace awnings allow you to enjoy your terrace to the fullest. The difference is that fixed awnings can also be free-standing. You can e.g. use a fixed awning to cover a terrace in the centre of our garden, away from the house. Also, even when installed against the house, it puts less pressure on the supporting wall. In both cases, free-standing or wall-mounted, it’s the awning’s own aluminium construction which bears the weight.

A drawback is, of course, that the structure of a fixed terrace awning is permanently visible. But there is a good side to that, as well: the fixed construction is solid and, therefore, very wind-resistant, allowing you to enjoy your garden or terrace even in windy conditions.

Quality and more

Wilms is renowned for the quality of its products, but also for their design. Our fixed terrace awnings are the only ones where no cross-beams are visible when the awning is rolled-up. You thus enjoy unrestricted views, undisturbed by any conspicuous beams.

Customised finishing

When developing our fixed terrace awnings, we have attached a lot of attention to the finishing. We can e.g. provide caps to conceal the attachments of the supports. And we can paint the entire construction in a RAL colour of your choice.

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Fixed terrace awnings
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