Terms of sale

  1. The amount of the invoice must be paid in cash in Meerhout, except when another written agreement exists between the different parties.
  2. All complaints must be reported within 3 days after delivery of the goods or services, regarding the defects in these goods or services and within 3 days of the invoice date, regarding the content of the invoice.
  3. The content of the supplier’s order confirmation is binding for both parties, when the customer has not responded within 48 hours after receiving this confirmation. However, if the customer still wants to make changes afterwards, an administrative cost of €35 will be charged, plus the costs of the changes.
  4. A late interest of 10% per annum of the unpaid invoice amount shall be applied legally and without prior notice from the expiry date onwards if the invoice is not paid within the set time limit. In addition, a standard fee of 10% is legally and without prior notice owed on the unpaid invoice amount (with a minimum of €400) as a penalty clause, without prejudice to the explicit right of NV WILMS JOS to claim higher damage compensation, provided that proof of the higher damage actually incurred is provided.
  5. The goods remain the property of the seller until they are fully paid.
  6. Any dispute in relation to the execution of this agreement falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Antwerp, Turnhout department.
  7. The acceptance of the invoice implies acceptance of all conditions of sale, both public and private.
  8. We give a 5 year warranty on all our products, taking into account that the use and maintenance instructions are being respected. After these 5 years, the warranty expires, also for hidden defects.