Vertical screens

Vertical screens are ideal to let natural light flow into your home, while keeping excess sun light out. Discover the many benefits of vertical screens.

Avoid overheating

Sun protection serves to keep excess sun light and warmth out. With screens, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant indoor climate even during the hottest periods of the year. Indeed, screens repel the sun rays before they can even enter your house. And you will not need to spend money on an expensive, energy-guzzling air-conditioning system.

A perfect view

The big advantage of screens is that they are translucent. You can still look outside and enjoy your garden while keeping the sun out. In addition, screens give cachet to your home.

More in less space

Screens are made for large glass surfaces. A single screen can be as wide or as high as 6 meters. And, yet, rolling them up does not require a lot of space and, hence, the screen boxes are quite small. This makes them unobtrusive and easy to integrate. In fact, did you know that WILMS’ screen cassettes are the smallest available in the market?

Aluminium and carbon tubes

Wilms’ aluminium and carbon tubes are unique on the market. Screens of up to 6 meters long come with an axe with a limited diameter and, hence, with a compact box. Our tubes also have an improved fabric fastening. This makes the fabric tauter and avoids horizontal roll marks.

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Maintenance & warranty

Wilms offers a 5-year guarantee on all its products. A good maintenance guarantees a longer life span. You have to clean your sun protection at least once a year. In areas with a lot of pollution, like for example nearby the sea, in a woody area or in an industrial environment, it needs to be cleaned more often.


Maintenance of the profiles

Clean the box, guide rails and end slat with a soft sponge, lukewarm water and non-aggressive detergent.

Do not use scouring pads and pressure washers.

Maintenance of the fabric (acryl)

Dust of the fabric with a soft brush and clean it with a soft sponge and lukewarm water.

Let the fabric dry before rolling up. When you roll up your fabric while still wet, you risk having mildew on the fabric. This is also the case when the fabric is wet due to an unexpected shower. That is why we advise you to open the sun protection after the shower so it can dry.

Use non-aggressive detergent to remove a spot on the fabric.

Rinse out sufficiently with lukewarm water so there are no remains of the detergent left.

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