Built-in roller blind - traditional

WRB0600 (ZIPX®Zero)

To prevent overheating outdoor sun protection is the only good solution. This is especially important for passive and low-energy houses. With this in mind, Wilms has developed a brand-new kind of sun protection, the built-in roller blind (WRB0600).

The maximum width of this type of sun protection is 6000 mm and the maximum height is 6000 mm. There is a limitation of 20m². The exact maximum dimensions are available on request.

Invisible roller blind

The built-in roller blind is seamlessly integrated into the wall and thus completely invisible. The end slat also disappears in the box once the roller blind is rolled up. The exterior of the house is used for possible repairs. This means that this type of sun protection fits perfectly into the philosophy of airtightness. The installation of mosquito screens is also possible.


The built-in roller blind is always operated electrically. You can choose from a wide range of options. You can use a wired switch or you can operate it via a home automation system. Wireless control (wall-mounted switches and remote controls), however, is the most flexible option.

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Built-in roller blind - traditional