Built-on roller blind screen with ventilation

WVS0200 (Rolvent®Roller blind)

A built-on roller blind with a ventilation grille is the perfect solution for houses equipped with a ventilation system C. The window and screen are installed as a unit. The fabric is stored in a pre-insulated box that is fixed onto the window or door.

With or without ventilation grille

The self-regulating ventilation grille has five different positions (open, closed and three intermediate positions) and is completely water and windproof. The colour of the grille is available in the same colour as the box. The grilles are not visible on the outside of the house. This type of screen helps to reduce the E-level of your house and can be fixed onto all window types. An improved acoustic version is also available, with a sound reduction of 38 dB.

The box is also available without ventilation grille. In this case, it can be used in houses with a ventilation system C as well as in houses with a ventilation system D.

Customized finish

This roller blind can have a maximum width of 6000 mm up to a maximum height of 6000 mm, but the surface is limited (maximum dimensions are available on request). There is a wide range of fabric options and the box is available in different shapes and colours. Thanks to this range of colours, your roller blind will undoubtedly complement your house. The roller blind is always operated electrically via a switch or remote control.

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Built-on roller blind screen with ventilation