Wilms has around 400 different colours of powder coating, all or them permanently in supply. Our stock follows the market trends.

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Fabric collections

Wilms uses 3 different fabric collections, each with their own fabric types. Of course, each type has different properties and colour possibilities.

Sergé collection

The Sergé collection, a range of glass fibre fabrics (42% glass fibre – 58% PVC coating) is specially designed for external use. This high quality fabric is resistant to water, UV radiation, cold and warmth and can be rolled up wet. This fabric is dimensionally stable between -35° and 50° and non-flammable (fire level M1).

The Sergé fabrics have an openness of 1, 5 or 10 percent. By default, we work with Sergé 5%. If you choose Sergé 1%, you will provide more privacy. With Sergé 10%, you get a better view. The choice is entirely in your hands.

Sergé 1%

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Sergé 5%

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Sergé 10%

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Soltis collection

The Soltis fabric is made of polyester. These fabrics are especially used for conservatories as they let through more light and warmth than the glass fibre fabrics. A big advantage of these fabrics is their low weight and breaking strength. This means that the fabric is also used in horizontal applications. In this case, the colours of the fabrics of the vertical parts can match the colours of the roof section.

Within this collection there are 2 types of fabric that are frequently used for occultation:
Soltis B92-N is a blackout fabric that is only suitable for indoor use. This type of fabric is composed of 2 different materials with different shrinkage and expansion values. This could cause the fabric to deform when it is placed outdoors. Placement outside is of course possible, but keep in mind that no guarantee is given on the fabric.

Soltis Stam 6002 is a fabric without openings and therefore it has no view through. Occultation cannot be guaranteed, but with a dark fabric there will be little or no light through. Moreover, this fabric can be placed outside while retaining the guarantee.

Soltis 86

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Soltis 92

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Soltis B92-N

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Soltis Stam 6002

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Sunworker collection

Designed to meet new needs in terms of solar protection, Sunworker combines transparency, resistance and fineness with visual and thermal comfort. Made using the Rachel Trameur method of weaving, it boasts excellent mechanical strength. Its regular grain and micro-aerated look ensure transparency that filters both sun light and solar heat.

Within this collection there is an occultation fabric available, Sunworker Opaque. As this fabric has a coating on one side, there is no guarantee for outdoor use.


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Sunworker Opaque

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