Surface-mounted roller blind

WRB0200 – WRB0300 – WRB0400 (ZIPX®85-95-120)

A well-insulated house without any type of outdoor sun protection is nowadays unthinkable. Due to the high degree of insulation, the warmth stays in your house and creates a greenhouse effect. Roller blinds in combination with double glazed windows can keep up to 90% of the warmth outside. The exact percentage depends on the type of fabric and the chosen colour.

Fortunately, the surface-mounted roller blind can be installed in existing houses without major demolition work and without having to make too many aesthetic compromises.

Windproof solution

Thanks to an ingenious zipper system, the fabric is windproof in every position. It does not even make any noise. External tests prove that these roller blinds meet the wind load requirements. The fabric does not even exit the guide rails with winds up to 12 Beaufort.

3 box dimensions

The built-on roller blind is available in 3 box dimensions that vary depending on the height and width of the system. The maximum dimensions are the following:

  • WRB0200 : 2700 mm (W) x 1600 mm (H)
  • WRB0300 : 4000 mm (W) x 3000 mm (H)*
  • WRB0400 : 5000 mm (W) x 6000 mm (H)*

* With limitation of m², maximum surfaces available on request


The built-on roller blind is usually operated electrically via a switch or via an existing home automation system. A fully automated, wireless system controlled by light and heat sensors is also a possibility.

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Surface-mounted roller blind