Together we create your home in great shape

Wilms is the partner of architects, contractors and property developers for projects where aesthetics and functionality are balanced. Where comfortable living is a priority.

The entire Wilms team is ready to serve professionals with technical information and general support. So we ensure quality at every stage of a project. And exceptional comfort for the end customer.


Wilms aims to provide tailor-made solutions for every customer. Of course, the architect plays a key role in this. Our shade experts - like architects - create products with an eye for design and functionality. In this way, we can guarantee harmonious shade solutions for every building.

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Technical questions

Our shade solutions may be aesthetically simple, but they are backed up by a great deal of technical expertise.


Innovation is an inherent part of Wilms, and that’s not just a sales pitch. We are always on the lookout for the most ground-breaking shade solutions.


Wilms aims to break free from the unattractive roller blinds of the past. Nowadays, we focus on genuine eye-catchers, in the right sense of the word.


Each type of home or building offers a new challenge. Discover how Wilms reinvents itself time and again to come up with the right solution.


Shadow masters / inventors

Let us introduce our latest invention, the ShutterX®. Invisible inside and out, with a focus on optimum energy efficiency. Embedding screens in cavity walls has been a fairly common practice for some time now. But insulation loss, where the shutter box is installed, has always been an inconvenient side effect. Thanks to the ShutterX®, this is now a thing of the past.

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