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Got some construction plans ahead of you? Then there is no way around it! Energy performance regulations are becoming stricter every year in order to make homes more energy efficient. Airtight construction is a very important aspect in this regard.

Win up to 3 S points

Building a screen into a cavity wall is a routine job. You can now install guaranteed airtight roller shutters. But have you considered the fact that the location of your roller shutter box is otherwise occupied by insulation?

ShutterX® by Wilms changes the game. From now on, Wilms also offers a guaranteed airtight roller shutter. No more perforation of the inner wall and the roller shutter is invisible from the outside. In fact, the insulation that is removed when installing the roller shutter is replaced with a composite profile behind the box. And best of all: this profile insulates better than the removed insulation material. Thanks to these innovations, your window is made into a recognised node and you may even gain up to 3 S points!

What energy benefits to expect from the ShutterX®?

Avoid a node

Built-in roller shutters cause a node because insulation is removed to make room for the box. While developing the ShutterX®, we invested considerably to find a solution to this problem.

S level

The S level (shell level) expresses the energy efficiency of a residential unit in a single number. The less energy it takes to maintain the temperature of the residential unit, the lower the number. it is a way for the Flemish government to emphasise limiting the energy demand. An independent consultancy found that our ShutterX® can reduce the S level of a home by up to 3 S points!

Since the S level is an entanglement of the rules, your return is gigantic. Do you live in a region where the S level is not recognised? The benefits of our airtight solutions are interesting for any region. Your energy costs will drop considerably.

Limiting the energy demand

Simulations show that our ShutterX® achieves a lower characteristic energy consumption* than any other solution. This is due to the fact that our system allows you to enjoy an optimal indoor climate year round without the need for expensive technology.

Are there any alternatives?

You could choose to lower the g value (the ratio between the incoming solar radiation and the solar radiation that enters the home) of your glass. This is a permanent solution. And it will reduce the benefit of sunshine during winter. Roller shutters are a less invasive and more cost-effective solution.

Ready for the next step?

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