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Wilms Knikarmschermen Modern Cam 3 01
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Buitenleven Knikarmschermen 7c24b885
Wilms Knikarmschermen Modern Cam 3 01
Wilms Knikarmschermen Country Cam 2 01

An articulated-arm screen or awning is the most elegant solution to avoid harmful UV radiation on your terrace. A responsible way for you to enjoy the sun for longer together with your company. This canopy is only visible when you need it. When you do not, it is concealed in a beautifully finished box fitted to the exterior facade.

The great benefit of an articulated-arm screen is that it involves a rollable system. The solution does not require any permanently visible support posts. In addition, the canopy will block warm sunbeams before they get the chance to heat up your home. While you enjoy your terrace and the beautiful weather, the articulated-arm screen doubles as a sun shade. 2 in 1!

A different type of canopy for every character

Our product range contains 2 different canopies, each with their own advantages.

The Wilms 700LX is the latest canopy in our collection. The traditional round shapes of both box and front profile have disappeared and made way for a contemporary, sleek design. The magnetic side caps provide easy access to the motor and operating controls.

Terraces and windows are becoming bigger and bigger, so we make sure our products follow suit. The Wilms 700LX awning is available up to a width of 7 metres and a 3.5 metre projection. More than enough to provide welcome shade and keep you cool on a 5 x 3 m terrace. Create an inviting, cosy atmosphere on your terrace. And the light has to be just right. Both direct and indirect LED lighting is mounted as standard in the Wilms 700LX awning. You can operate and dim both light strips separately using the remote control.

The Solitair is slightly more elegant with even more refined details. Connect two screens with an intermediary cloth to achieve a width of 14 metres. Contrary to the 700LX, this type has a maximum projection of 4 metres. A unique features of the Solitair is the canopy shell inside the box. It improves the hanging behaviour of the canopy while nicely concealing it when not in use.

How much does an awning cost?

The price of your articulated-arm screen depends on a lot of factors. This includes dimensioning, finish, the colour of the box and the material of the canopy. As well as accessories and installation. A screen is easier to place over a terrace than on a 7th-floor balcony. We have simplified it for you by listing the price of our most popular articulated-arm screens.

Custom finish

Thanks to a wide range of models and options, you are guaranteed to find the best articulated-arm screen for your home. Customise it to taste with an endless range of colour combinations.

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