Our story

Wilms stands for sustainability, quality and innovation. Our latest innovation, ShutterX® makes for a perfect illustration of what we are all about. We are the first in the market (innovation) to build an airtight roller shutter into a cavity wall. This saves you considerable extra costs (sustainability) and we are so sure of the product that we offer a warranty of up to 7 years (quality).

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Wilms is committed to sustainability in all of our decisions. Our products are high quality and when it comes to our business strategy and production processes, we will always go for the most sustainable solutions. This is evidenced by the fact that we excelled even prior to further optimisation as one of the pilot companies at Sustatool, a project by the Flemish Government to make sustainability accessible to Flemish companies. Hans Verboven, Professor of Sustainability at Antwerp University will continue to monitor our sustainability efforts even after completion of the Sustatool project.

We are committed to ecology. We aim to optimise the lifespan of our products with stringent quality requirements and when it comes to our production processes, we strive for solutions that minimise our ecological footprint. Our greatest achievement in this regard is the construction of a “green” paint shop.

We invested in a vacuum evaporator so we can rely on the use of rainwater exclusively. In addition, this results in a zero-discharge system. Furthermore, the entire production area is heated by recycling purified warm air from the process. This eliminates the need for additional heating with fossil fuels. Finally, 90% of our powders are recouped and we managed to halve our use of packaging materials. This was accomplished by optimising the location of our new paint shop on our grounds.

Results are not achieved by major initiatives alone, as every little bit helps. That is why Wilms has a recycling point where employees can get rid of their old batteries, mobile phones, pop-tops from cans and bottle caps. We donate them to organisations in the area who can then trade them for financial aid.

Hans Verboven

"Wilms nv is a family business with innovation and sustainability in its DNA. A trendsetter in the industry in terms of their products, process improvements and HR policy. Wilms is a highly value-driven company with a long-term vision." Hans Verboven, Professor of Sustainability at Antwerp University.


Commitment, reliability and cooperation: the three core values of our organisation. Our clients, suppliers and employees can rely on our organisation’s sound cooperation, high reliability and far-reaching commitment.

At Wilms, we firmly believe in the principle of vertical integration. Our entire production and headquarters are located in the same place. In addition to our own extrusion lines, confection, lamination machines, powder and wet paint shops, we even have our own transportation. This structure guarantees unparalleled service as well as impeccable, high quality and reliable delivery.

Training is a very important aspect in this regard. Our internal staff receive extensive training and are retrained on a continuous basis. In addition to retraining our own staff, we receive countless clients and their employees every year to offer them free product training at our own training centre. Thanks to our thorough training policy, both internally and for our external partners, we are able to guarantee the best possible service every time. No matter where and to whom your questions are addressed.

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Thanks to its strong R&D department, Wilms is a trendsetter in the market. From our ventilated integrated boxes to a screen that can be installed in a cavity wall, or more recently the aluminium and carbon axes of our screens. Our R&D department works to stay one step ahead of the market every day.