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Shutter Zero preview 7c24b885
Shutter Zero preview 7c24b885

Back in 2013, we launched a screen that is installed above the window in the cavity wall. The increasing importance of airtight construction confirms that we were on the right track. We have made progress since that time. The technology of our ShutterX® is now also available for our ZipX®Zero.

Limit the energy demand, not the view

Home construction is subject to increasingly stringent demands. This has several consequences. One consequence is that homes are prone to overheating due to the increasing amount of insulation.

This problem disappears with the ZipX®Zero and that is not the only benefit of our solution. The ZipX®Zero is an airtight built-in screen, which means the screen is entirely concealed inside the cavity wall. And the system is airtight because it no longer has a negative impact on the energy performance of your home. On the contrary, the ZipX®Zero only improves the situation.

To make all of this possible, various new techniques were developed. Discover them below.

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