Roller doors and fences

Rolpoorten en hekken 7c24b885
Rolpoorten en hekken 7c24b885

Roller doors are often used to close off larger spaces. Contrary to sectional and tilt gates, they require very little ceiling space and can be installed without taking up a lot of room. Perfect for garages.Roller fences are mostly used to protect display windows. Thanks to the perforated slats, visibility is maintained and the shop can continue to display its items. When a roller fence is placed on the inside of a shop (behind glass) and combined with glass breakage sensors, burglars will not be able to get in.

Custom finish

The slats of our roller gates come in a fixed colour, white. The roller fences can be coated in a RAL colour of your choice. In both cases, the other elements such as the box, guide rails and lower rail can be coated in any colour.

Both systems come with lower rail protection included. This helps prevent accidents when the sheet is lowered while someone is standing under the shutter. In addition, the system comes with an integrated stop. If the motor malfunctions, the sheet will never be able to drop all the way down. The motor will automatically activate the break and the sheet will come to a halt. Walk-through protection is optional.

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