Screens with a window

Pic screens met vensters 01 7c24b885
Pic screens met vensters 01 7c24b885

Got a canopy or pergola with too much draught? No problem! Our wind-proof integrated screens with a window have got you covered. This fabric is wind-proof and comes with an integrated window to retain your view of the outside.

Thanks to these integrated screens, you can enjoy your cosy seating area regardless of the temperature of the day. When cold, lower the canvas. And during warm days, leave the canvas up to enjoy your day outside. Of course, these screens are also available without a window so you can close off certain parts of the view. The size of the window can be fully customized as well.

Custom finish

Our windowed screens are available in 3 box shapes: sloped, round and square. The largest screens are the only ones where you are limited to a sloped box. The box, guide rail and lower rail are coated in your favourite RAL colour and the dimensions of the transparent window can be fully customised. This allows you to tailor your windowed screen to your wishes.

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