Surface mounted screens

Voorzetscreens 7c24b885
Voorzetscreens 7c24b885

When building your home, did you assume that the temperature would always be pleasant? You are not alone! People ask us how to avoid overheating on a daily basis. Quite often, no room was left for a sunshade in the home construction process. That is why we recommend built-on screens. They are placed on the exterior of the home without the need for any demolition work.

Custom finish

More and more built-on screens are placed against the window. They are so discrete that it can be hard to even notice the box. They can also be placed against the facade, of course, but that is up to you to decide.

Our built-on screens come with 3 box shapes: sloped, round and square. The largest screens are the only ones where you are limited to a sloped box. In any case, your finish options are endless. Choose your favourite screen, and colour for your box, guide rails and bottom rail.

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