Terrace roof

Buitenleven terrasoverkappingen 7c24b885
Buitenleven terrasoverkappingen 7c24b885

Just like an articulated-arm screen, a fixed terrace roof makes for endless enjoyment of your terrace. Contrary to an articulated-arm screen, a fixed terrace roof can also be executed in a standalone version. This allows you to canopy a terrace at the centre of your garden. Another benefit is that less pressure is exerted on your bearing wall. Whether you opt for a standalone roof or one that is partially connected to a wall, its weight is carried by the aluminium construction.

The disadvantage of a permanent terrace roof is that the structure remains permanently visible all around. But every minus has its plus. This permanent construction makes for a sturdy solution that is extra wind-proof. Allowing you to enjoy your garden or terrace for much longer.

More than quality

Wilms would not be Wilms if we failed to consider design in addition to quality. That is why we developed the only terrace roof on the market without any visible crossbars when retracted. Allowing you to enjoy the view without facing any eye-catching beams.

Custom finish

A lot of attention to detail has gone into the development of this permanent terrace roof. For example, we can provide casings to conceal the attachments of the support posts. And finally, the entire construction can be coated in the RAL colour of your choice.

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