Built-in roller shutters

Wilms rolluiken inbouw3
Wilms rolluiken inbouw2
Inbouwrolluiken Traditioneel
Wilms rolluiken inbouw3
Wilms rolluiken inbouw2
Inbouwrolluiken Traditioneel

Simple yet efficient: traditional built-in roller shutters

Traditional built-in roller shutters are installed in a cavity wall, over the window or door frame, which means they are only visible when lowered.

When is a traditional built-in roller shutter the best option?

  • You want a roller shutter that is concealed when rolled up
  • You want to replace existing built-in roller shutters

Built-in roller shutters - traditional

This type of roller shutter has two disadvantages. The casing is built by a joiner which comes at an additional cost. Furthermore, it is impossible to make traditional built-in roller shutters completely airtight. That is why this type of roller shutter is associated with heat loss.

Wilms developed a revolutionary solution to this problem.

Thanks to our patented innovation ShutterX®, these disadvantages are a thing of the past. For the very first time, we managed to develop a completely airtight system. No more heat loss! Keep reading to find out how this revolutionary system works.

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