Built-on screens

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Opbouwscreens 7c24b885

Integrated screens are installed together with your windows and doors. This makes them ideal for newly constructed homes and homes where the entire windows are being replaced. The integrated boxes come insulated and make for a perfect seal with the window profile, in full compliance with the EPB [energy performance and indoor climate] requirements. Maintenance is simplified because they can be reached from inside the home. The box is essentially part of the interior.

Combine your integrated screen with ventilation

Insulation and ventilation are key when it comes to both construction and renovation projects. Rolvent®, a far-reaching innovation for our integrated box does both! This system is unique in the market. This integrated box with built-in ventilation is the only one of its kind that guarantees constant airflow even when the screen is shut.

How much ventilation you need is calculated based on the flow rate of your room. Once the flow rate is reached, you can install regular integrated screens. This means that fitting your entire home with these roller shutters is not necessary.

Custom finish

Depending on the placement, you can choose to have the box visible from the inside of the home only. This is only possible if you have the necessary space above your window, for example if you are replacing built-in roller shutters with a screen. If there is not enough room, you can replace your windows with lower windows and opt for an integrated box that is visible from the outside.

Of course, the front plate will be finished in a colour of your choice as will the guide rails, lower rail and the rest of the box. You can then choose a perfectly matching canvas colour.

Finally, we can fit the integrated box with acoustic insulation. When ventilation is involved, there is a risk of noise pollution from the outside. The extra insulation is concealed in the box while the dimensions remain the same.

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