Roller shutters

Explore our extensive range of roller shutter products below. Wilms offers three types of roller shutters: built-on roller shutters, integrated roller shutters and built-in roller shutters.

There is a suitable roller shutter for every home. With countless options for cabinet types, slats, colours and control mechanisms, you will undoubtedly find a perfect roller shutter to match your preferences.

Wilms was founded in 1975 and has become the market leader for roller shutters in the Benelux.

What will your facade look like with a roller shutter?

Discover our practical style configurator

Thanks to Wilms’ style configurator, you no longer have to rely on your imagination to choose the right roller shutter. Simply recreate your facade in our tool and find the right roller shutter, customised to your home.

To the style configurator

Looking for inspiration?

Check out the references by our satisfied customers here.

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